Came to Gabi due to asthma, overweight/overeating, feeling tired all the time and no energy. Since being Gabi`s plan 4 months now I have lost 8 lbs, my asthma has totally subsided and I feel a lot better/not so sluggish. I am continuing with the plan as before when trying to lose weight I was always hungry and still snacking. Now the hunger is stopped and I realized what I have been eating was the wrong type of food. It is not a case of dieting it is more of a healthier choice in what I am eating. 


 Thank you very much for having me as a long term client! I love the way how you are not giving up on me! Even though I am getting better, I'd like to keep in touch with You, because all your advice is Life Changing! 


 Gabi helped me plan a healthier way to deal with some of my ailments which transformed my every day life. By changing just a few things I felt less sluggish, bloated and helped reduce my migraine attacks. Would recommend getting in touch, thanks Gabi.